Milestone in The Hotel Industry

There is an intimate connection between the growth of the hotel and escort industry in Hanoi. The hotel industry in Hanoi has had its own list of challenges to get to where it is today. There are many things that have led to their success today apart from the many investors approaching it. One of the major contributions to the success of the hotel industry in Hanoi is tourism. This is an open factor and many people speak about it openly. However, they cover up the main contribution of Hanoi escorts in this industry.

Just like many cities in Vietnam, working as an escort in Hanoi is illegal. This has however not discouraged Hanoi escorts from giving their best and serving their clients as they should. It is for this reason that the hotel industry is growing in such a tremendous rate in Hanoi. Hanoi escorts have strong connections with clients from different parts of the world. Although there are some who pay their plane tickets out of Vietnam, some travel all the way to Hanoi to meet them. This means, the escorts will book a hotel for them until the time they will fly back to their country.

There are many other ways that Hanoi escorts have contributed to the success of the hotel industry in Hanoi. These include;

  • They market Hanoi to the world

There are very many people who had no idea that there was a city in Vietnam that is known as Hanoi. However, after going through various escort agencies, Hanoi is now part of the list of their next destination. At the same time, there are many investors who are currently looking at Hanoi not just a tourist site but also as an investor. This simply means, Hanoi escorts are not only attracting tourists to Hanoi but also investors.

  • The contribute to the growth of Hanoi’s economy

There are many ways Hanoi escorts have contributed in the growth of Hanoi’s economy. Apart from attracting investors and tourists, they also buy goods and services from traders in Hanoi. Which means, there are many businesses that survive thanks to the support of these beautiful girls.


It is significant to note that, it is prostitution and call girls that are illegal in Vietnam. However, when it comes to escorts that do not offer sex for sale, it becomes challenging for the government to prosecute them.