Dubai Escorts and Prostitution

Dubai escorts are women who provide sexual services in exchange for money, such as nightclubs and bars in Dubai. Some work full time while others provide part time escorting at various hotels and bars; they may even provide in-home sex. Typically they will advertise their services online so if you are considering hiring one make sure to do your research first – doing this can prevent scams or rip offs; additionally use condoms when having sex with any woman to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases!

Prostitution may be illegal in Dubai and UAE, yet remains a lucrative industry with strong ties to human trafficking. Prostitutes are recruited through online dating platforms or WhatsApp numbers before being transported directly into the city where clients may offer higher hourly rates than would otherwise be offered by others seeking companions for prostitution. Many sex workers have reported being mistreated or even abused by clients and pimps during this process.

Some of these women come from poor countries like Nigeria; others choose the sex industry to support themselves and their families, only to become trapped by traffickers. Skin tone plays a significant role in the industry according to interviews with trafficked women and visits to places where prostitutes congregate within cities; lighter-skinned girls tend to be trafficked into venues catering more heavily for wealthy clients, while darker skinned ladies are directed toward alleyways or street corners in search of work.q

Dubai escort is a modern hub for prostitution and has earned itself the moniker “Sodom-sur-Mer.” Prostitution thrives throughout bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other licensed establishments that serve alcohol (which is prohibited in most public spaces across the United Arab Emirates). Prostitutes typically hire through online dating platforms or WhatsApp numbers before being transported into Dubai where clients offering hourly rates may provide higher sexy and seductive companions from India, China or Philippines or Central Asia can contact these workers.

Prostitution may be illegal in Dubai and the UAE, yet finding one is incredibly easy due to being an “open secret.” Prostitutes from India, China and the Philippines are employed at clubs and bars with three-month visas offered to clients on three month contracts – most often male clients. Prostitution in Dubai has proven profitable with some of the highest pay rates ever recorded for Indian and Pakistani sex workers.

While prostitution is illegal in Dubai, despite this there have been many brothels disguised as spas and dance clubs which operate illegally. Women wear skimpy outfits with exposed breasts while showing their cleavage; most clients tend to be men. Some girls in these brothels work full-time while others may only work for an hour a day before leaving again.