Are Escorts Legal in Denver?

Many people might use the word “prostitute” and “escort service” interchangeably but this doesn’t mean they are the same. Denver Escorts are far much different from prostitutes and this is the reason why, escorts are able to operate freely but prostitutes cannot. The difference between Denver Escorts and prostitutes is better seen when it comes to matters of the law.

This is because. Most of the services offered by escorts are acceptable in the eyes of the law. However, anything that is listed under prostitutes is illegal and there are many rules defining it.

Denver’s Definition of an Escort

There are simple things that are openly seen when it comes to defining the difference between an escort and a prostitute. Some of these differences are listed below:

1.    Services offered

When it comes to hiring an escort, what a client has in mind is a companion. Sometimes and in some agencies, the services a Denver Escort offers might not be clearly defined. This is because, some of these services might be illegal to advertise online and might attract intervention by the law. However, when it comes to prostitutes, their services are simple; selling sex. Any client who is found negotiating with a prostitute will be prosecuted for trying to buy sex.

A Denver Escort or a client seeking her services on the other hand cannot be prosecuted by the law. This is because, their job description is “a companion” who can accompany you to a social gathering, join you on a date and many more.

2.    Their Operation

Prostitutes are either found along the streets and for the lucky ones, you can find them in a brothel. When it comes to escorts, they are available on agencies or through their online websites. This means Denver Escorts are more dignified than prostitutes.


One of the reasons why many clients prefer hiring Denver Escorts over street prostitutes is their safety. Many Denver Escorts are answerable to an agency. Therefore, they will never go against the rules set by that particular agency to expose their clients to danger.

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